Digital X-Rays

At York Mills Dental, we are not using digital x-rays to help us to closely examine your teeth to get a more accurate diagnosis for how to treat and improve your oral health.

The Benefits of Digital X-Rays:

    Digital X-Rays York Mills
  • There is less exposure to radiation compared to traditional x-rays
  • The images can be produced at a faster rate
  • They can be enhanced so we can get a more accurate diagnosis of your oral health
  • They can be loaded on to the monitor where we can review and discuss with you the best treatment plan for your oral health
  • We can store the images to make comparisons during future visits on how your oral health has improved or declined

How Digital X-Rays Work:

During the procedure, we put a small device on the inside of your mouth, which is connected to our computer. The x-ray signal captures the image of your teeth and exports it onto our computer. We take the necessary precautions reduce radiation exposure for our patients by making you wear a lead apron. This apron covers your body during the procedure so we can obtain your digital x-rays safely.

If you have any questions regarding digital x-rays and would like to learn more about how they can help you improve your oral health, our dental office in York Mills to book a consultation today.

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