Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy York Mills

At the center of your tooth, there is a section that is called the pulp where your tooth's nerve is located. In the nerve, there is blood and nutrients which are circulated to keep the tooth healthy. If the pulp of your tooth is damaged, it has a greater risk of getting an infection which can cause you a lot of pain, soreness, bone damage, and even the loss of your tooth itself. At York Mills Dental, we offer Root Canal Therapy to our patients as a way to serve your original tooth and prevent further issues that can be caused by the damaged pulp.

The Procedure

The goal of Root Canal Therapy is to help you keep your natural teeth rather than looking into alternatives such as implants or dentures, which can be fairly expensive. During the procedure, we create a small opening in the crown of your tooth to clean out, shape, and smooth the tooth canal under local anesthetic. This is to get rid of the damaged or infected pulp and disinfect your tooth to clean out bacteria.

Once the tooth canal is no longer infected, we will have your tooth filled and sealed. It is important to note that when a tooth is not getting the necessary nutrients, they become brittle in comparison to your other teeth. We can create caps or crowns to help strenghthen your tooth once more to help protect it when you chew. Once the crown has been placed, it will be properly cemented. You will able to keep your natural tooth which is now cleaner and healthier.


Our Root Canal Therapy require patients to come our office for a couple of visits because the process is completed in stages to make sure the infection is properly treated and removed, preventing future problems. You may notice that the colour of your tooth can change (i.e. turn darker) once the pulp has been removed. For patients that have had Root Canal Therapy on their front teeth, we can offer teeth whitening services to help brighten your smile.

If you are experiencing pain and discomfort with your tooth and think you may need Root Canal Therapy, contact our York Mills Dental office in North TOronto right away to book a consultation. We will work with you to find the best treatment for your dental health.

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